251. The furniture(A) in my grandmother’s(B) houses are(C) very beautiful(D). 252. Either(A) the doctor or(B) the nurses takes(C) care of(D) the pati


251. The furniture(A) in my grandmother’s(B) houses are(C) very beautiful(D).
252. Either(A) the doctor or(B) the nurses takes(C) care of(D) the patients.
253. It requires(A) practice to reading(B) a foreign language quickly(C) and well(D).
254. Working(A) provide(B) people with(C) personal satisfaction as well as(D) money.
255.My computer helps(A) me manage my time better, but it is not as personal like a phone call.
256. When young (A), my mother had to(B) work very hardly(C) to earn(D) money.
257. The first(A) postage stamps(B) issued(C) in New York City in(D) 1842.
258. Ho Chi Minh city, which named is after(B) president Ho Chi Minh, is(C) quite a young city(D).
That is(A) Mr Anderson, whom(B) taught me the first(C) lessons of computer skills(D).
260. His(A) grandmother and his uncle took care for(B) him after(C) his parents died(D).
261. Every human typically(A) have(B) twenty-three pairs of(C) chromosomes in most(D) cells.
262. He stopped to smoke(A) because it is(B) harmful(C) for(D) his health.
263. Not everyone(A) realizes that(B) the most largest(C) organ of the human(D) body is the skin.
264.(A) Many teachers have devoted (B) their lives (C) to teaching (D) therefore teaching is not a well-paid job.
265.People (A) depend unlimited (B) energy to power (C) their everyday (D) lives. 266.Lack o f(A) properly physical exercise (B) can cause (C) tiredness and (D) poor general health.
267.They are (A) going to build (B) the town square (C) next this (D) area
268.The train will (A) be leaving (B) on five minutes (C) so you’d (D) better hurry up 269. (A) The most you (B) learn, (C) the more knowledge (D) you get.
270. You are reminded (A) once again (B) of the author’s love (C) of (D) a sea.
271. They (A) can speak English and (B) use a computer (C) so as to they (D) can easily get a good job. 272. How much times did Rick and Jennifer have to do the experiment before they obtained the results they had been
273. Each of the students in the accounting class has to type their own research paper this semester.
274. Mrs. Stevens, along with her cousins from New Mexico, are planning to attend the festivities.
275. They are going to have to leave soon and so do we. 276. Dresses, skirts, shoes and children’s clothing are advertised at great reduced prices this week.
278. The government requires that a census be taken every ten years so accurate statistics may be compiled 279. To the man who worked so hard on the project, the news was profound disappointing
280. Anyone reproducing copyrighted works without permission of the holders of the copyrights are breaking the law

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    251. C (are bổ nghĩa cho chủ ngữ furniture, mà furniture luôn luôn đi với động từ số ít => is).

    252. C ( cấu trúc either … or … chia động từ theo chủ ngữ thứ 2 là nurses => take ).

    253. B ( sau to dùng động từ nguyên mẫu reading => read ).

    254. B ( Làm việc => sử dụng số ít => provides ).

    255. Like ( so sánh bằng: as personal as ).

    256. C ( hard vừa là tính từ vừa là trạng từ => hard ).

    257. B ( which named is after => which is named after ).

    259. B ( sau whom ko dùng động từ, whom => who ).

    260. B ( take care of: chăm sóc,  for => of ).

    261. B ( every => động từ số ít, have => has )

    262. A ( dừng hẳn 1 việc nào đó: stop Ving, dừng này để làm việc khác: stop to V, smoke => smoking ).

    263. C ( the most largest => the largest ).

    264. D ( teaching => teach, sau to dùng động từ nguyên mẫu ).

    265. A ( depend => depend on: phụ thuộc vào ).

    266. A.

    267. D ( next => next to ).

    268. C ( on five minutes => in five minutes ).

    269. A ( so sánh kép, The most => the more ).

    270. D ( a sea => the sea ).
    271. D ( so as to => so that ).

    272. Much => many ( times là danh từ số nhiều ).

    273. Their => his/her. ( Each of the students là danh từ số ít ).

    274. along with => along to. ( along to: thuộc về ).

    275. So do we => so are we. ( Ở vế trước động từ to be => Phía sau cx là động từ to be ).

    276. children’s clothing => children clothes ( cần danh từ số nhiều làm chủ ngữ ).

    278. so

    279. profound => profoundly ( trạng từ bổ nghĩa cho tính từ disappointing ).

    280. are => is ( Anyone chủ ngữ số ít => động từ số ít ).

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