Bài thi nói tiếng anh until 9 ạ ( ngắn thui ) đoạn văn


Bài thi nói tiếng anh until 9 ạ ( ngắn thui ) đoạn văn

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    Topic 1. Local environment

    1. Tell some places of interest you know.

    – (Tay Ho village in Hue – it’s traditional crafts – It’s the birthplace of conical hat in Hue )

    – ( Viet Nam national Museum of History in Ha Noi – it’s near Hoan Kiem Lake, there’s an extensive collection of artefacts tracing Vietnam’s history )

    – (Bat Trang pottery village – As far as I know it’s one of the most famous traditional crafts village, it’s not far from Ha noi center. If you go there, the artisans will teach you how to make things such as pots, vases, or bowls.)

    – (The Temple of Literature – it’s located in Hanoi , it’s considered the 1st university in Viet Nam)

    – (Hoi An town – it is located in Quang Nam province – if you go there on 15th of each lunar month, you can enjoy the lights of many beautiful lanterns)

    Related questions

    1. Why do tourists like to buy handicrafts as souvenirs ? ( Because the handicrafts remind them of specific region)

    2. Why do people like to go Bat Trang village? ( Because people can buy things for their house and make pottery themselves there)

    3. Do you like to go to Viet Nam national Museum of History and The Temple of Literature ? Why?

    (yes, I like to go there because I am interested in history, I want to widen my knowledge, it’s useful for my studying)

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