Bai1 1.It’s essential that the house-before Tet A. should decorate B. is decorated C. be decorated


1.It’s essential that the house….before Tet
A. should decorate B. is decorated C. be decorated D. were decorated
2.At first the children enjoy the game but quiet soon….. novelty
A. died out B. wore off C. went off D. died off
My village is (1)…Hoa Binh Province . It is a very beautiful and peaceful place where people (2)…flowers and vegetables only . It is very famous for its pretty roses and picturesque scenery . The air is quite fresh ;(3)…,the smell of roses makes people feel cool .In spring , my village looks like a carpet with plenty of (4)… . Tourists come to visit it so often . Nowadays,with electricity and labor-saving devices , it doesn’t take the villagers(5)…time to water the roses . And even at night , people can walk along the path and enjoy the fresh smell of the flowers.
1.A.on B.from C. in D. at
2. A. grow B. buy C. grew D. bought
3. A. however B. then C. and D. but
4. A. colors B. marks C. spots D. styles
5. A. many B. a few C. a lot D. much

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Answers ( )


    1. C.
    II .
    1. C
    2. A
    3. B
    4. A
    5. D


    1. B

    2. B

    (1) C

    (2) A

    (3) A

    (4) A

    (5) D

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