bạn hãy viết về sinh nhật lần trước của bạn bằng tiếng anh


bạn hãy viết về sinh nhật lần trước của bạn bằng tiếng anh

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          This year I am 15 years old. My last birthday was very happy, I was 12 years old at that time, that birthday was 3 years ago. On that day, I was organized by my parents for a birthday party. We made cakes at home together, that day I received a lot of gifts, I also got a small gift from the person I liked at that time, it was small but I really liked it. I ate the delicious dishes cooked by my grandmother, and also played with my dear friends, we played all kinds of games, even whipped cream cakes in the face, played one sometimes we laugh because of the cream cake. My childhood was so wonderful. Now, though I have grown up, I still can’t forget that party. I hope next year, on my birthday, will be happy even though I don’t have a party like when I was a kid.

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    hello,everyone.My name is…and i am 10 years old.today,i will tel you about my birthday last week.

    first,i invited my friends to join party.then we ate cake together and sang the happy birthay song.

    my friend gived me many gifts and them are very big .the end,we slept together in my house

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