cj oi viết cho e đoạn văn ns về chuyện ngụ ngôn


cj oi viết cho e đoạn văn ns về chuyện ngụ ngôn

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    Once upon a time, there was a little girl living with her mother near to the forest. She loved to wear a red hood so they called her a little red riding hood. One day, her mother told her to bring some cookies for her sick grandmother who lived far from her house. To reach to her grandma’s house, the little red riding hood had to pass through the forest. Worried about the little daughter, her mother kept telling her not to stop anywhere to play if she didn’t want to be caught by the wolf. The little red riding hood agreed with her mother and started her journey. Unfortunately, she saw a beautiful butterfly and started chasing it. Then she met the wolf. The wolf asked her how to get to her grandma’s house and left her to get it first. He ate the poor grandma and then the little girl, then slept in her bed until the hunter came. The hunter killed the wolf and opened its belly to save two poor women.  

    Cho xin hay nhất ạ!

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