đặt 10 vd về cấu trúc : if clause, main clause (ko chép mạng)


đặt 10 vd về cấu trúc : if clause, main clause (ko chép mạng)

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    1. If it rains, we won’t be go to school

    2. If she doesn’t study hard, she will fail the ẽam

    3. If I prepare well, I will have good marks

    4. If the weather is good, we will go swimming

    5. If I have freetime, I will watch TV

    6. We will miss our flight, if we don’t hurry up

    7. Chi will be map if Thu goes late again.

    8. If children obey their parents, they will be commended

    9. If you feel this bag is heavy, I will help you

    10. If I have money, i will buy this car

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    1. If she goes to bed early, she will be healthy.

    2. He will help me if I ask him.

    3. If we limit the use of plastic bags, the environment will be cleaner and more beautiful.

    4. If you help me, I will help you.

    5. She will be very happy if she goes to the restaurant.

    6. If I get a good score, I’ll be happy.

    7. It will rain if thunder comes and dark clouds come.

    8. If you pour the water, the book will get wet.

    9. If we study diligently, there will be a day of success.

    10. Fish will die if the river becomes polluted.


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