Describe something you bought that is very useful.


Describe something you bought that is very useful.

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    You live your life, you eat, you drink, you breathe in oxygen and dispose of the carbon dioxide.Of course, the food and the drink you consumed must have a way out, just like the air you are breathing right now.Now you’ll need a toilet, one of the most useful things you ever had.The toilet is a giant white bowl made from porcelain, enough for you to fit your butt in and poop (or pee), it has a flushing lever, whenever you’re done with your business, just flush and shall the water rinse everything away,then you’ll have to use toilet paper.Toilets are also very cheap, they price from 1,500,000 vnd 3,000,000 vnd.You should always get one, buy now!

    • I would like to take this chance to tell you about a microwave oven which I bought and it is really useful.
    • So, about 4 years ago, on the occasion of my mom’s birthday, I decided to buy her something ; something that can help her with the cooking. And I used all my savings to buy it.
    • Personally, I think a microwave oven has many We can heat the leftover food in the dishes directly.
    • Besides, tt’s clean and time saving as we don’t have to cook the food but let the microwave handle it. As a result, my mom has much more time to relax.
    • Another advantage of microwave oven is that it offers us healthier dishes. The nutrition in vegetables or meat can be maintained
    • It also helps me to cut down on the amount of oil used to cook food.
    • To conclude, not only me but also my parents are very satisfied with this microwave oven.

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