Describe your dream house ( ngắn thôi )


Describe your dream house
( ngắn thôi )

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    => My dream house is a big house which is located in the city centre. My house will be painted with the yellow color, which makes my house become bright and beautiful. There are 5 rooms in my future house : a living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. My living room will have many modern devices and luxury sofas. My bedrooms will be on the second floor and they will have a desk with a computer, a smart TV and a bed. The kitchen will have a fridge, a stove and other cooking tools. The bathroom will be next to the kitchen. I will have to save much money to build this house.


    The house that I dream of is an automatic house. Smart solve math problems, help improve our intelligence. 3rd floor is the bedroom, there will be soft and comfortable cushions. I love my dream home.

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