Describe your friend ( 10 sentences )


Describe your friend ( 10 sentences )

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    My family and the Thao family are close together, that’s why we have been close since childhood. At school, Thao and I went together. Thao looks very pretty, you have very long hair and often tie it neatly, sometimes in braids. You have fair skin and cute monolids. Every morning we go to school together. The school teaches very well, the lessons I do not understand, the teacher will teach me. That’s why our friendship is always tight. Whenever one of you has a problem, always get help from the other person. We’re very close. I hope our friendship will be like that forever.

    Bài hơi cũ ạ, mik viết lâu rồi nhưng chưa đăng, chúc bạn học tốt !

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