giải dùm mik với đừng có dịch nha opic1 1)what is your favourite film? 2)what kind of film is it ? 3)who dose it star? 4)what is the plot?/What is it


giải dùm mik với
đừng có dịch nha
1)what is your favourite film?
2)what kind of film is it ?
3)who dose it star?
4)what is the plot?/What is it about?
5)what does the critics say about it?
1)name some festivals in VN/Binh Dinh
2)what is your favourite festival?
3)when /where dose it take place/
4)what are the activities in the festival?/what do people do in the festival?
5)how is the atmosphere?
6)do you often do to Go Market festival?who do you go with ?

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    My favourite movie of all time is Titanic. It is the best love story I have ever watched. I watched this movie many times but I never got tired of watching it. Whenever I watch it, I always cry.

    The reasons I like it so much are the grand scenery and the romantic content. The film is about the love story of Rose Dewitt Bukater and Jack Dawson. Jack was a free-spirited poor young man but he got a ticket for a luxurious ship, the Titanic. Rose was from the American upper class and was engaged to a man. She was reluctant to marry him. She met Jack in Titanic and they fell deeply in love even there was a huge gap between them. Titanic was headed to America from England. However, the ship crashed into an iceberg on the way. The side of it broke up and the ship was wrecked. Not everyone could escape safely. Many people dead include Jack. Rose was survived because Jack helped her to climb on a boat. Jack sacrificed himself for Rose. Although It was only a classical sad love story, it encompassed a large range of emotions, laughter, rage, terror and the feeling of deep love. I was touched and especially appreciate the love between them. They both tried to save each other. It showed the power of love could do everything. I think the movie had excellent content which was based on a real story. The two main actors and actress Leonardo and Kate had an outstanding performance. Besides, the scenery and the stage properties really made me amazed. From the big ship to the small cushions at Rose’s room, they were all delicate. Last but not least, the great theme song “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion marked the end of the story. Even Jack leave Rose forever, her heart will keep going on.

    This is the best movie I have ever watched. No wonder why Titanic already won 11 Academy Awards. I recommend that everyone should watch this movie at least once.


    topic 2

    1 Fisherman Festival, Go Market, Ong Mountain Pagoda, ..

    2The festival I like is the boat racing festival

    3The festival is held in Go Boi, Tung Gian village, Phuoc Hoa commune, Tuy Phuoc district. The festival takes place on the second afternoon of the Lunar New Year.

    4 everyone cheered, with noisy cheers

    5 the atmosphere is bustling, advising excitement, excitement

    6 I go to the mound festival. I often go with my family

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