giúp mình nha 1. The river water is severely polluted, mostly________ the dumping of raw sewage. A due to B. lead to C. because D. so 2. Sudden chang


giúp mình nha
1. The river water is severely polluted, mostly________ the dumping of raw sewage.
A due to B. lead to C. because D. so
2. Sudden changes in water temperature can ________ mass killings of fish, plants, or amphibians.
A. come up B result in C. dump into D. thank to
3. Water pollution________ the death of all forms of life in the water bodies.
A. occurs B. results of C. creates D leads to
4. ________ plastic takes so long to break down, it pollutes the land and ocean.
A Because B. Due to C. Even if D. Although
5. Many flights were cancelled ________ the smoke from forest fires.
A. so B. because C because of D. result in
6. ________the garbage dump smells terrible, no one lives around there.
A. Because of B As C. As a result of D. Even though
7. ______the grain consumption is rising, forests will be cut to provide more room for planting crops.
A since B. Although C. unless D. Due to
8. ________ loss can be caused by noise pollution.
A. sound B. hearing C. listening D. audio
9. There would be much less pollution________ people stopped using cars completely.
A. if B. since C. when D. although
10. Households pollute water sources by ________ waste into ponds, lakes, and rivers.
A. damaging B. dumping C. losing D. leading
11. This month’s electricity bill is too high ________ the air conditioner is turned on all the time.
A. since B. due to C. although D. because of
12. The government has come ________ a solution to the water problems of the city.
A. up to B. up with C. to with D. on to
13. ________are Chemicals that are used to kill unwanted plants, such as weeds.
A. Fertilizers B. Pesticides C. Herbicides D. Pollutants
14. A lot of fish has died recently because of the ________ water in this lake.
A. contaminating B. contaminated C. contaminate D. contaminant
15. If the air was clean, we ________ have to wear masks when going out.
A. wouldn’t B. won’t C. would D. will
16. If I ________ you, I ________ water from that dirty tap.
A. am – will drink B. am – won’t drink C. were – would drink D. were – wouldn’t drink
17. If he ________ trash around his garden, the garden would look very nice now.
A. will throw B. would throw C. didn’t throw D. doesn’t throw
18. The levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have risen________ the burning of fossil fuels.
A. therefore B. because C. in spite of D. due to
19. Emissions of pollutants into the air can________ changes to the climate.
A. get on B. end up C. go into D. result in
20. _______can cause high blood pressure, heart problems, sleep disturbances, and hearing problems.
A. Air pollution B. Light pollution C. Water pollution D. Noise pollution

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