Hãy viết một đoạn văn nói về một ngày của học sinh(sáng,trưa,chiều,tối…) Giúp mình nha


Hãy viết một đoạn văn nói về một ngày của học sinh(sáng,trưa,chiều,tối…)
Giúp mình nha

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    This is my daily routine. In the morning, I get up at 5:30 to prepare to school. All my preparation, including brushing teeth, getting dressed, combing my hair,…takes me about 30 minutes. At 6:00, I have my breakfast done by my mother, then I walk to school at 6:30. My classes usually end at 11:00 every day. I get home and have lunch with my 7-member family. Afterwards, I change my clothes and take a nap till the afternoon. At 14:00, I study for the lessons and do some of my hobbies like drawing or reading. I go out to take a deep breath at the park near my house at 17:00. Then I come home and take a shower before having dinner. After finishing our meals, I play board games with my siblings and go to bed at 21:00. That’s my day as a student! 


    There’s nothing good about a student’s day, it’s normal. First of all, when it comes to breakfast, me and most of the students will eat at home before going to school, have a good push before going into stressful classes, for me I eat fried rice with eggs – a delight my speech. After finishing school, we will have a day-boarding meal at school, it is also quite complete and full of nutrients with vegetables and soup, …. As for me you know, how to cook for 100 people. cooked for one person. So I eat rice at home, prepare the rice my mother cooks. At night, of course, the warm family meal is also gathered. For such a generation of students, that is probably enough! Wish success


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