I/ Choose the best answer for each of the following sentences (50 points) 1. Every night I open the bedroom windows in _____ to let in some fresh


I/ Choose the best answer for each of the following sentences (50 points)
1. Every night I open the bedroom windows in _____ to let in some fresh air.
A. as B. order C. so D. place
2. That suitcase looks heavy. I ________ you with it.
A. help B. am helping C. will help D. helped
3. Sometimes Tom writes a letter to his parents _________ to ask them for some money.
A. so as B. so order C. in as D. as order
4. I ________ tell anyone what happened. I promise.
A. don’t B. didn’t C. not shall D. won’t
5. Some afternoons at work, my friends have the radio ______ a soccer game.
A. list B. listening C. to listen D. for listening
6. I don’t want to go out alone. _________you come with me ?
A. Do B. Will C. Ought D. Must
7. The boy had a bad cut on his leg and it’s _________quite badly.
A. bleeding B. hurting C. burning D. falling
8. In case of burning, ________ pain with ice or cold water pack.
A. quit B. cancel C. protect D. ease
9. In case of getting fainted, don’t _______ the victim to sit or stand.
A. let B. make C. force D. leave
10. Please send a/an ________ to Oxford Street. A woman is hurt.
A. lorry B. ambulance C. car D. bus
11. Millions of cigarettes .. every year.
A. is smoke B. are smoking C. are smoked D. are smoke
12. Gold, as well as silver .. in price, he said.
A. have fallen B. has fallen C. fall D. are falling
13. Fred was a really silly boy when we were in high-school. I still remember .. very stupid questions.
A. his asking B. him to ask C. asking him D. his being asked
14. .. I like the Rolling Stones.
A. No need to say B. Don’t need to say
C. Needless saying D. Needless to say
15. – Are you sorry that you didn’t take pictures?
– Yes, I regret .. any.
A. not to take B. that I not take C. not taking D. to not taken
16. If he had not given me advice, I .. again.
A. would fail B. would be failed C. wouldn’t fail D. would have failed
17. We the meeting because nobody could attend.
A. are cancelling B. cancel C. cancelled D. cancels
18. departments does this company have?
A. How many B. How far C. How often D. How much
19. How many European shareholders . it have?
A. does B. has C. have D. do
20. The cold East-North wind always .. strongly in the winter.
Today, it .very strongly, stronglier than usual.
A. is blowing/ blows B. blows/ is blowing
C. blows/ blows D. blow/ blow
21. They .. shortly before the party ended.
A. leaved B. left C. leave D. leaves
22. We .. anything at the moment.
A. are producing B. are not producing
C. will produce D. produce
23. What …… the company ..? – It produces and sells mobile telephones.
A. does/ do B. do/ do C. is/ doing D. are/ doing
24. I . one of your vases yesterday.
A. breaked B. have broken C. broke D. break
25. The cutting or replacement of trees in many places in the cityarguments recently.
A. has caused B. have caused C. are creating D. created
26. . places in our city are heavily polluted.
A. Much B. Mostly C. All of D. Many
27. There were.negative comments on Toms post that he had to remove it.
A. too much B. so many C. some of D. plenty
28. His mother ismine, but he is younger than me.
A. more old than B. old as C. not as older as D. older than
29. Youre driving ! It is really dangerous in this snowy weather.
A. carelessly B. careless C. carelessness D. carefulness
30. do you go shopping ?
A. How far B. How much C. How often D. How long
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    1, B – order (in order to do sth: để làm gì)

    2, C – will help (dùng thì tương lai đơn)

    3, A – so as (so as to do sth: để làm gì)

    4, D – won’t (dùng thì tương lai đơn)

    5, D – for listening (have sth for doing sth: có cái gì để làm gì)

    6, B – Will (dùng thì tương lai đơn)

    7, A – bleeding (v, chảy máu)

    8, D – ease (ease pain: giảm đau)

    9, B – make (make sb to do sth: để ai làm gì)

    10, B – ambulance (n, xe cứu thương)

    11, C – are smoked (bị động thì hiện tại hoàn thành)

    12, B – has fallen (“as well as” => động từ chia theo chủ ngữ thứ nhất)

    13, A – his asking (n, việc anh ấy hỏi)

    14, D- Needless to say (Không cần phải nói)

    15, C – not taking

    16, D – would have failed

    17, C – cancelled (“could attend” -> động từ cần điền phải ở thì quá khứ đơn)

    18, A – How many

    19, A – does

    20, C – blows/ blows

    21, B – left

    22, B – are not producing

    23, A – does/ do

    24, C – broke

    25, A – has caused 

    26, D – Many

    27, B – so many

    28, D – other than

    29, A – carelessly 

    30, C – How often 

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