I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others. 1.A. scatter B. nature C. danger D. race 2.A. ex


I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others.
1.A. scatter B. nature C. danger D. race
2.A. exactly B. exist C. exhaust D. extinct
3.A. feature B. species C. weather D. decrease
4.A. survive B. prohibit C. fertilizer D. environment
5.A. decreased B. influenced C. endangered D. established
II. Choose the word or phrase A, B, C, or D that best completes the sentence.
6.Jean Fragonard was a French artist …… portrait of children.
A. whose paintings B. who has painted
C. who painted D. whose painted
7.The smoke from burning fuels causes pollution if it …… into the atmosphere.
A. releases B. is released C. will be released D. released.
8.Portland, Maine, is …… the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow spent his early years.
A. where B. it where C. where is D. which is where
9.Walkers can unwittingly damage the fragile environment …….
A. that the birds live B. where the birds live in
C. which live the birds D. in which the birds live
10.Wild animals …… in their natural habitat will have a better and longer life than those which are kept in protected areas.
A. live B. to live C. living D. lived
11.There should be some measures to protect the humpback whale, …… an endangered species.
A. to consider B. considered C. consider D. is considered
12.We should participate in the movement …… to conserve the natural environment.
A. organized B. to organize C. organizing D. organize
13.The purchase of wild animals …….
A. should ban B. must ban C. have to be banned D. must be banned
14.The school has been given 20 computers, half of …… are brand new.
A. that B. those C. them D. which
15.The computer, …… the memory capacity has just been upgraded, is among the latest generations.
A. that B. whose C. of which D. which of
16.The environmentalists hope ______ the forest to its former condition.
a. to restore b. restoring c. restored d. having restored
17.Several cars ______ owners had parked them under the trees, were damaged.
a. their b. of which c. whom d. whose
18.My English teacher, Mrs Brookes, was someone ___ I had great respect.
a. that b. whom c. for who d. for whom
19.If coastal erosion continues to take place at the present rate, in another fifty years this beach ______ anymore.
a. doesn’t exist b. isn’t going to exist
c. isn’t existing d won’t be existing
20.She joined the local tennis club, ______ were at least 60.
a. most of its members b. most whose members
c. most of whose members d. most members
21.Since 1950 the world ______ nearly one-fifth of the top soil from its agricultural land and one-fifth of its tropical forests.
a. was losing b. is losing c. had been lost d. has lost
22.A lack of cross-cultural awareness can result in misinterpretation, _____
a. that offense may cause b. which may cause offense
c. those may cause offense d. for which may cause offense
23.So thick and rich ______ of Illimois that early settlers there were unable to force a plow through it.
a. as the soil b. the soil was c. was the soil d. the soil
24.Fleming’s discovery of penicillin, ______, had a major influence on the lives of people in the 20th century.
a. awarded the Nobel Prize
b. which awarded the Nobel Prize
c. that he was awarded the Nobel Prize for
d. for which he was awarded the Nobel .Prize

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    Xin cthln



    `1.` `A`

    `2.` `D`

    `3.` `C`

    `4.` `B`

    `5.` `C`


    `6.` `C`

    `7.` `B`

    `8.` `A`

    `9.` `D`

    `10.` `C`

    `11.` `B`

    `12.` `A`

    `13.` `D`

    `14.` `D`

    `15.` `C`

    `16.` `A`

    `17.` `C`

    `18.` `A`

    `19.` `B`

    `20.` `C`

    `21.` `A`

    `22.` `B`

    `23.` `C`

    `24.` `A`

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