I. Find the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation 1. A. designers B. benefits C. symbols D. poems 2. A. limited B.


I. Find the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation
1. A. designers B. benefits C. symbols D. poems
2. A. limited B. awarded C. dripped D. attended
II. Find the word that differs from the other three in the position of primary stress
3. A. separation B. impression C. compulsion D. instruction
4. A. consist B. divide C. depend D. mention
III. Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that best fits the space in each sentence
5. Today our teacher gives us some ___________ on how to save energy at home.
A. advice B. advise C. advises D. advised
6. You should choose the ___________ class because you are new to English.
A. beginner B. intermediate C. advanced D. higher
7. We are looking forward ___________ with the new manager.
A. to work B. to working C. work D. working
8. Justin said he ___________ the following day.
A. returns B. would return C. will return D. returned
9. 1All the teachers here are ___________ .
A. good-qualified B. Enough qualified C. well-qualified D. too-qualified
10.Nga: ” That’s an excellent painting, Lan ! ” __ Lan: “___________”
A. You’re welcome B. Well doneC. No problemD. It’s nice of you to say so
11.Try to do more grammar exercises ___________ to improve your writing skill.
A. quietly B. quickly C. fast D. regularly
12.I have lived in Ho Chi Minh City ___________ 10 years.
A. to B. since C. for D. from
13.Islam is the country’s official ___________ in Malaysia.
A. education B. religion C. language D. song
14.My mother is very tired, ___________ she tries to finish the housework.
A. but B. and C. or D. however
15. Natural disasters always bring human injuries and —
A. resources B. damage C. preparations D. shortage
16. Thanks to the experts’ —-, people know how to live with earthquakes .
A. luxuries B. innovations C. instructions D. enhancement
17. A: “ I’ve passed the entrance exam.” B: ——– –
A. That’s a good idea . B. Well done C. You’re welcome D. Please, go ahead.
18. Today, farmers prefer ——–for their growing because it’s safe for our living environment
A. pesticide B. chemical fertilizer C. compost D. garbage
19. Let’s ——-family tradition with many celebrations .
A. support B. satisfy C. nominate D. enhance
20. ——their well- prepared exams, some candidates seem unsatisfied with their results.
A. Though B. In spite C. Because D. Despite
21. A: Are there any ——-in getting information from the internet in your living place? B: Yes.
Sometimes, I can’t get access to.
A. limitations B. advantages C. convenience D. benefits
22. What a ( an ) ——-young lady! She often understands as well as gives her friends sincere
advice on how to solve their troubles.
A. humorous B. active C. considerate D. traditional
23. She used to be excellent at social subjects, art and music. She wants to be an ———for
A. engineer B. expert C. artist D. editor
24. Don’t be afraid of these dogs. They are friendly pets. They are —–
A. polluted B. fresh C. harmless D. useful
25. Let’s collect unused clothes for the poor ! – _____________________________
A. Yes, I am B. Please do C. Don’t mention it D. Yes, let’s do

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    1. B âm /s/, còn lại là /z/

    2.C âm /t/, còn lại là/id/

    3. A trọng âm tiết thứ 3/¸sepə´reiʃən/ , còn lại là 2

    4. D trọng âm tiết đầu tiên /’menʃn/, còn lại là 2

    5. A vì là danh từ không đếm được ( some + danh từ)

    6. A. beginner : bắt đầu

    7. B vì look forward to + Ving

    8. B vì là câu gián tiếp thì tương lai đơn

    9. C có nghĩa là chất lượng

    10. D bằng nghĩa you are kind

    11. D nghĩa là thường xuyên

    12. C dấu hiệu thì HTHT

    13. B nghĩa là tôn giáo

    14. A. vì trước nó là một dấu phẩy

    15. B. hư hại

    16. C. hưỡng dẫn

    17. B làm tốt lắm

    18. C phân trộn

    19. A ủng hộ

    20. D. Despite + of

    21. C. sự tiện lợi

    22. C. chu đáo, quan tâm

    23. D. người chỉnh sửa

    24. C. vô hại

    25. D. hãy cùng làm điều đó

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