In 100 words, write about your favorite school day. 50đ cụa mk nên làm cẩn thận giúp ah!!!


In 100 words, write about your favorite school day. 50đ cụa mk nên làm cẩn thận giúp ah!!!

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    School has always been a hatred to kids and teens but when you (mature)turn to an Adult, you realize what school is, You then miss your old friends, old Memories etc.

    School life always had its ups and downs, but most importantly it gave us the memories with our favorite ones, One can forget its school but can never forget its memories.

    School Day’s Best part is when you have the “Physical Education” period [P.E] and this is the far most loved period than Science or Maths or even social science, That is because in P.E we play with out friends and do the training Required, and make memories, One of the best parts is Making Friends, Having friends are blessings and having them with a mind-set same as yours, then definitely God,wants him to be your friend its a lot easier to make friends but to turn into Best friends it requires alot of trust and memories.


    My favorite school is a peaceful school in the countryside.It is built in peaceful places such as countryside, plains because it is very quiet for students to focus more on learning and is more environmentally friendly.It only has basic lessons, if you want to improve, you can learn more after school with the homeroom teacher, so most people take extra lessons after school.Not only that, at recess, you can also communicate with animals such as rabbits, birds, …. There is also a free cafeteria for students.So for me recess time is the best.There are also many beautiful scenes here, with clear towers, autumn leaves, … very beautiful and poetic, That’s why schools are built here to give them a good childhood, a great experience, and don’t use social media too much.That’s why I like the school in the countryside more than the city

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