làm đoạn văn về phim với lễ hội nhé Máy kt cuối kì 2 rồi Bài ngắn sí


làm đoạn văn về phim với lễ hội nhé
Máy kt cuối kì 2 rồi
Bài ngắn sí

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    * Film:

    Doraemon is a comedy film, which was directed by Fujko. It stars Doraemoon and Nobita. The film is about the life and friends’s Nobita: Doraemon, Shizuka, Chaien,Suneo. Doraemon is a clever cat, Nobita is a clumsy boy, Shzuka is a beautiful girl, Chaien is a strong boy and Suneo is a rick boy. Critics say it is a must- see. I agree, because the film is comedy, moving and also incredible. So many people really love it.

    * Festival:

    Last year, myfamily and I arived in HCM city to attended the music fesstival. There are thoundsands of people here. Luckily, the weather has been wonderful. In the morning, we got up early to takes the tickets. We saw some people has already placed. The music festival was held in HCM city. The festival was held every year. This festival was held to peole listen to music. It’s so exciting. Together with local people and tourists, we enjoy this performance. 



    Among all films I have ever seen, I like the movie called Kingsman – The Secret Service. It is a great and wonderful movie. In this film, You can see the wild spy action adventure director Matthew Vaughn has made up, based on the same name comic of Mark Millar. And it sounds like Vaughn already has some big ideas for the sequel. Based upon the Mark Millar’s comic book, Kingsman: The Secret Service will tell the story of a special super-secret spy organization that recruits an unrefined but promising street boy into the ultra-competitive training program of the agency just like a global threat emerges from the special twisted tech genius. If you do not want to loose the best time with the interesting action, you have to turn on your TV and watch Kingsman: The Secret Service now.

    lễ hội:

    Every spring comes, my village holds a spring festival. There are many interesting folk games in the guild, but the most impressive thing about me is the swinging game. The game was held in the courtyard of the village communal house, everyone who went to see the association dressed beautifully and politely, everyone’s face wore a cheerful and cheerful spirit. The swing pole is built up from large, strong and flexible bamboo trees that can withstand the weight of 3-4 people without breaking. There are many ways to swing, swing single or double, in my village I choose to swing a couple of men and women to show the spirit of solidarity among the team members and increase excitement and attractiveness. In turn, the teams played on the swing in the order that was drawn earlier, the two players stepped on the swing table, facing each other, then used the strength of their feet to swing high, flying beautifully. Nghe, in the continuous drumming and cheering cheers of the viewers. The team that makes the swing fly higher, closer to the top of the swing, even if cleverly able to make the swing fly over the swing, the chances of winning will be very high.

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