Loài cây em yêu (chọn bất cứ cây gì ở làng quê Việt Nam : tre,dừa,chuối,gạo,đa). ai làm đúng mình tích cho


Loài cây em yêu (chọn bất cứ cây gì ở làng quê Việt Nam : tre,dừa,chuối,gạo,đa).
ai làm đúng mình tích cho

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    When you wake up early tomorrow, you are also greeted with the rustling and fluttering sound of the ships clasping together. The post body request was a from the garden from a long time ago. Bananas become seedling bundles, divine devices with ever automatic.

                Layout like the example is a very useful tree, the whole human body system should be planted in many places in our country. At my house, grown a lot from my grandfather’s life. Mr. select the type of the nabed and solid. He planted the whole garden not expecting many growers just for the children and grandchildren indoors because it is a very complementary result but easy to grow. Now he is gone, but his garden still retains him as an imagination. Heard that, I was so moved when I looked at the banana garden. The green banana garden is the heart of the grandfather to his children.

                The longer I stick with bananas, the more I appreciate and love the rustic and rustic plants. Bananas are special seedlings. The small bananas lie deep in the ground, people often call it a sheath. The rest of the so-called bodies are those who embrace each other and create. Hook leaves into width, fresh green; leaf front spread, spread the seat back. Until maturity, instead of a banana grows into a small red banana.

                It’s rare, like a plant like a banana, which helps. Hey, bananas for sweet, cool ripe fruits. Many scientific studies also show that the results contain a lot of nutrients that contribute to increased intelligence. Hoa when but young (called banana ball) was processed by her mother into a wonderful dish. Banana leaf is an indispensable material for wrapping a variety of cakes: mint cake, potato cake, rice paper, spring roll, … Dried banana leaf is a very convenient material for many rural families. So, when dry, the hull of the ship is very tough and certainly not inferior to the kinds of plastic wire in the market. Not yet! The body of the banana, which is the sheaths and the real body, are the peels that when monolithic becomes a cool food for annotators. Chi, the innermost layer of the hilt is also popular with many people because it is so sweet and cool! When I was a child, the bunch of bananas were used into very interesting toys. These are rafts, ships racing hotly on the water; Fresh banana leaves are cut out, attached to the lifelike petals.

                The banana tree is lovely and lovely. It is almost like a tree, very attached and very useful to the simple life of the peaceful countryside in Vietnam. A picture of the country is definitely indispensable for the image of green dust leaning on the sparkling riverbank.

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