Part 2: Write a paragraph to talk about the advantages of going to university.


Part 2: Write a paragraph to talk about the advantages of going to university.

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    Bạn xem thử nhé : It cannot be denied that there are many benefits to attending a college or university, and they are manifold and range from financial to job opportunities. First of all, even though you initially spend a large sum of money to begin your college education, you most likely will earn it back with the increased pay you receive from having a degree. Moreover, because of changes in the global job market, employers are looking for hires that come fully trained in the profession. A college or university education will help you meet these tougher job requirements. Besides, you not only have more job options once you get your degree, you now also have many options of how you want to obtain your degree. Colleges and universities have become very flexible in their programs, hence you can easily broaden your knowledge. All in all, attending college or university brings many advantages.


    Whether students should choose to study at university or not has raised different opinions from many people. Some people say that university education is not necessary. However, it is true that studying at university has a lot of benefits.

    First, universities provide academic knowledge for students in various majors. Some jobs may not require a university degree, but in some typical majors, it is very important. For example, a student cannot become a lawyer without university training, or a doctor career needs 6 years studying at a medical university. Therefore, except for vocational training, most of the jobs these days still appreciate a university degree.

    Second, university can help us to get used to our society before graduation. It is often said that university is a mini society, as it runs as a society in reality. Everything around us in a university helps us experience our future in a company, a firm.etc: our friends, the environment, our teachers or even the competition among students. Therefore, it is not true to say that universities only provide academic knowledge. We can also face problems of future life in university.

    In conclusion, university gives us a lot of benefits to prepare for future life. If we can take advantage of those benefits, we will see that university education is really necessary

    In 4 years at university, it is really essential that we have a detailed plan for our future. In this essay, I will describe my plans as soon as I enter university.

    First, I will try my best to gain academic knowledge and get a degree with distinction. As my major requires a huge amount of knowledge, I need to get an excellent degree to prove my seriousness towards learning. This will make me more reliable in the employers’ eyes.

    Second, I will gain practical experience while I am studying in university as much as possible. I intend to participate in an academic club at university, so that I can learn some first experience from my seniors. In there, I learn to debate, express myself, do research and take part in competitions, etc. Most importantly, I will apply to a firm as an intern to get used to the workload, stress and the reality before graduating. Consequently, after 4 years, I will be well-prepared for my future life.

    Those are some main plans that I will complete before graduating from university. I will try my best from now on in order not to let my family down.

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