tả mẹ em , ngắn tầm 3-4 câu TA


tả mẹ em , ngắn tầm 3-4 câu TA

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    ..She is the person who gave birth to me and raised me, she is also the most important person to me. My mother is almost 40 years old this year, she looks much older than her age perhaps because she works a lot. I’m tired, she’s always with me. I love my mother so much


    My mother is a beautiful woman of reasonable height, long curly hair and big round eyes. However, because my mom had to spend so much time and effort at work, she started to show signs of old age like wrinkles and small freckles on her skin. Because she has to work with a lot of staff, she has a serious face sometimes, and her voice is also a bit loud.
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