Tả về cuộc sống ở nông thôn (70 từ) và 100% ko chép mạng nhé


Tả về cuộc sống ở nông thôn (70 từ) và 100% ko chép mạng nhé

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    In my opinion, life in the countryside has many good point. First, the life here is peaceful, simple and slow. The air here is not pollution. Second, the people here are very friendly and kind. They also helpful. Third, the food here are cheaper and fresher than them in the city. The people grow the food and sell them at the market. They also fishing to sell. But there are somethings inconvenient. The schools, hospitals,… are too far. No running water, no electricity,… In short, life in the countryside has good and bad points.

    ~Hok tốt~


    First of all , It is a quiet and peaceful place. There are a lot of plant species so the air and the food are fresh and clean. We can enjoy a healthy natural condition without worrying much about environmental pollution. We are free to admire the breathtaking landscapes such as huge meadows, peaceful hills or forests. We can also enjoy walking in the forest and picking mushrooms or hunting. Second, There aren’t any huge blocks of flats, modern skyscrapers and bothersome traffic jams in the countryside so the air is not polluted. There is no water pollution, either. Moreover, living in the countryside is cheaper than it is in the city, so you can buy many hings at lower prices. The other positive side is the safety. In the rural area the crime rate is much lower. There aren’t a lot of housebreaks of burglary and robbery. In the countryside people usually and keep eyes on neighbour’s estates. They always react when something strange is happening. Finally, most of the villagers are friendly and hospitable. They are always willing to help each other. Moreover, people in the cities are very susceptible to stress because of pollution, the pressure of work, competitions, etc. In summary, Living in the countryside has many advantages because of fresh air, clean food, specially the people’s friendliness and hospitality.

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