talk about a famous place in the world like to visit


talk about a famous place in the world like to visit

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     In the world there are many big cities but the one I like the most is Tokyo, in Japan. This city is the capital of Japan. Not only that, but Tokyo is also an administrative center of Japan and the world. Tokyo is considered a culinary paradise, where you will enjoy dishes from popular to high-end dishes. One of them is Sushi – a famous traditional dish of Japan that the whole world knows is also produced from this city, especially exploring Ebisu with grilled meat, vegetables, hot pot, sashimi … At the same time, many dishes in the train station area are very convenient for passengers at the station as well as nearby. Explore the many other dishes in the basement or head to Honoji to find food from the menu on the wall. In addition to the domestic food, in Tokyo you can enjoy other dishes from other countries such as America, France, Germany … In addition to eating, Tokyo is also a place to shop with cheap and affordable items to types of high-class products with famous brands in the world. In addition, in Tokyo there is a Japanese crab symbol, which is the Tokyo Tower. At Tokyo Tower, there is a long view of the city at the top of the tower, there are souvenirs and food shops located inside. And there is a famous one in Tokyo that is “sakura”-the cherry blossoms, the cherry blossom trees blooming all over the streets look beautiful, right? I like Tokyo very much, someday in the future, I will go to Tokyo

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