Talk about destination you have gone (Did there people,food,view,weather)


Talk about destination you have gone
(Did there people,food,view,weather)

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    Halong Bay is a famous scenic spot in Quang Ninh province and was recognized by UNESCO in 1994. I wish I could go to this place even just once. End of this semester, I got a very good test score and I was rewarded by my parents with a trip to Ha Long Bay to satisfy my long-time wish. Ha Long Bay is very beautiful. The weather that day was beautiful. There are many tourists from all over the world coming here. Many people have come to ask me for directions, so my English speaking skills have gradually improved. The people here are also very friendly. The beach in Ha Long Bay is crowded. My parents bought package of services for walking under the sea and dining at the restaurant. Walking under the sea for the first time, I was so excited. “Wow, Breathtaking view” I said. I saw a guppies and super big. There are coral reefs and beautiful starfish. After diving for a while, I went ashore and went to the restaurant. The food there was delicious and i liked eat french fries. I really like this place. If I have a chance, I will definitely come here again.

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