Talk about your weekend (10 sentences)


Talk about your weekend (10 sentences)

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    For me, the weekend is a very suitable occasion for entertainment. After a good night’s sleep on Saturday, I woke up at 6:30 a.m on Sunday. After personal hygiene, I exercise and start eating breakfast. This is followed by a two-hour period to review what has been learned over the past week. After school, I usually play games for half an hour and watch TV for another forty-five minutes. Then it’s time to rest. In the afternoon, I often ride a bicycle in the park, play soccer and help my parents with some small housework. After a day of entertainment, the evening is time for reading. Besides reading, I also play some games like puzzles and chess with my brother. I go to bed at ten o’clock at night to always make sure I get enough sleep and have the best health. 


    On weekends I usually wake up early and exercise.  I clean the house.  Then visit grandparents.  After returning home, I went to the market with my mother to cook.  At noon, my whole family eats lunch together.  After a 40-minute lunch break, I prepare for the new week.  Around 5 o’clock I go to the garden to water the plants and jog around the house.  I went kite flying with my brother for 30 minutes and then went home.  At 7 o’clock I have dinner with my family.  At 8 o’clock I study.  At 10 o’clock I clean myself and then go to bed, ready for a new week full of energy

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