Think about your best holiday to Da Nang ever.( Viet bai van cho mk nha)


Think about your best holiday to Da Nang ever.( Viet bai van cho mk nha)

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    During the summer break, I was allowed to visit Danang for a week by my father. That is my third reward for achieving high results during the school year. My father has fully prepared for this trip. From a few days ago I bought an air ticket and booked a room at the Danang hotel first. Friday morning, at 5:30 the plane took off. I was allowed to sit on a chair near the window so I was spoiled for sightseeing on the plane. Viewed from above, the capital Hanoi is just green strips of trees. At three o’clock in the afternoon, the three children were present in Da Nang city, a city given another name by tourists: the most livable city in Vietnam. The weather here is so beautiful, it seems to support the trip of two or three children. The first day he took me all around Da Nang city. Although I’m tired, I feel very happy. In the evening, my father took me to enjoy typical cuisine and watch the romantic Han River bridge at night. The bridge looks like a dreamy princess sleeping peacefully in the heart of the city. In the following days, I visited many beautiful landscapes here such as Ba Na – Suoi Mo ecotourism area, legendary Ngu Hanh Son.Best of all, I got to go to Son Tra peninsula. Since it is summer, this is indeed the ideal tourist destination. Dad and I only take ten minutes by motorbike from the city center to reach Son Tra peninsula. The road is paved flat, shady trees on both sides of the road. All the noise and bustle of the city seemed to have set it all back to make way for peaceful views. Thuan Phuoc hammock bridge arrogantly crosses the strait of Da Nang, where the end of the river at the end of the sea has connected the vibrant city center with Son Tra peninsula deposited in tranquility. The whole peninsula is like a princess, awakened after a long sleep, waking up with a gorgeous, seductive beauty. Dad and I spent the rest of our days off here. Watching sunrise, then sunset, watching the whispering waves clapping to the shore raised in me indescribable emotions. The beautiful scenery of the peninsula has made me and my dad want to leave a moment just want to stay here forever.

    During the trip, my father took many beautiful pictures for me. Before preparing to say goodbye to this lovely city of Da Nang, my father bought a lot of souvenirs for her mother. Maybe my mother and my little boy at home would love it. A week of sightseeing passed quickly. It’s time to say goodbye to Da Nang and come back to your family home. As the plane took off, she stuck her head out the window, waving nostalgically to the roads, mountains, white sandy coast, and lovely roofs. Goodbye, Da Nang! See you next day, I’ll be back! The interesting trip expanded my understanding of the country and people. My country is everywhere picturesque and people are kind and hospitable!


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    MỜI BN THAM KHẢO!!!!!!!!!!!

    have just returned from a 1-week holiday with my friends in Da Nang and Quang Ngai. We stayed most of the time in Da Nang. Then we spent the last few nights in a very picturesque and historic place called Hoi An Old Town. We had such a relaxing time on our holiday. We enjoyed some wonderful local food. It’s really delicious. The activities we enjoyed on holiday were walking, swimming and go out at night. The water is so fresh and clean, and the temperature is just refreshing – not too hot and not too cold. We went hiking in the mountains nearly for some days, which was very good for our fitness. I really enjoyed this holiday. I loved the fresh air and the scenery, and of course the food. I will certainly be going back there another year, as I think it’s one of my favorite parts of the world.


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