Traffic proplems in Kon Tum city. Help mai thi HK!!!!!!!!!!!!


Traffic proplems in Kon Tum city.
Help mai thi HK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    In Kon Tum the number of death by traffic accident is considered as large as the number of death by plague. There’s about more than 30 people die everyday.

    With the traffic conditions in Kon Tum, accident is object to happen. The roads are too narrow to travel easily. Moreover, many pot-holes can appear everywhere to threaten the goers. On the roads, there’re sometimes the illogical roundabouts. They are not only useless, but also make the traffic more chaotic. To solve this problem, we only have one way, it’s improving the road. However, it is impossible for the government to widen the roads because of limited land. Whenever theroads are repaired, the traffic is more dangerous with the unfinished structures. People still travel on the repairing roads, and the roads are more and more narrow. We also can build the tunnels but it is very costly. Viet Nam has to borrow money from other countries and no one knows when the government can pay it back. As you know, Vietnam is a monsoonal tropical country, it has a lot of rain every year. During the rainy season, the roads are flooded because all the waste pipes are stuck by rubbish and become very dirty.

    In addition, the tense of Kon Tum people is poor. The roads in the cities are choked with so many vehicles such as motorbikes, bicycles, taxies, buses, cyclos and pedestrians because people do not follow the laws well. They even don’t obey the traffic lights or signs. Children are taught about traffic laws while adults are breaking it. Now, the government gives many new strict laws to improve the present posture. Polices are more active than they used to. Everyone travel on motorbike wears helmet naturally without any enforcement. The traffic is better and better day by day.

    In conclusion, with many measures now, the traffic in Kon Tum will be good one day. The poor conditions Kon Tum can solve this problem by the development of economic.

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