viết 1 bản bản tin nói về thiên tai unit9 skills 2


viết 1 bản bản tin nói về thiên tai unit9 skills 2

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    Everyone knows that natural disasters, storms and floods are attributes of nature for ever, people cannot prevent them and can only be proactive in preventing and combating to limit the harmful effects of natural disasters. However, the reality shows that natural disasters also have human causes. Air pollution, greenhouse effect, global warming … human fault.The exploitation and deforestation of primary and protective forests has made many forests bare. Types of mineral extraction from manual to industrial and constructing works encroach on stream beds, reducing or even losing flood drainage corridors are important factors that create the risk of mountain cracks, landslides, flash floods. . Construction of reservoirs, hydroelectric dams are not safe enough, creating the risk of dam failure, causing artificial flash floods, threatening the lives of surrounding residents. Every year, our country occurs about 10 to 15 flash floods in the northern mountainous regions, the Central Coast, the Central Highlands and the Southeast. Due to extreme weather, heavy rain, and prolonged rain, it triggers flash floods and landslides, which sweep away trees, rocks, and of course the people and property where it passes through. So natural disasters resonated with the human forces, creating floods, flash floods, landslides more and more serious. If this situation cannot be changed, floods and landslides will continue, with no better outcome. Therefore, in addition to urgent measures to overcome immediate consequences such as: Supporting money, food, food, medicine, building materials … for people in difficulty, we need a comprehensive view to have more sustainable and proactive natural disaster prevention and control measures.


    The severe rain and floods have seriously affected a large area in the Central region at the end of 2020 and early 2021. Prolonged floods in the middle of the floods have left great consequences for the floodplain. In flooded areas, trees and animals died slowly due to rot and waterlogging.
    The water flooded to the roof so that people had to climb on the roof for safety and wait for someone to come to the rescue. People in the severely affected area do not have enough personal belongings to live and have to wait. To save the import, hundreds of rescue workers were dispatched to the floodplain. Food came to help the starving villagers. Even many villagers are advised to limit outside activities during the daytime. Everyone hopes the situation will improve soon

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