viết 1 bức thư bằng tiếng anh gửi về cho ông bà ở hà nội


viết 1 bức thư bằng tiếng anh gửi về cho ông bà ở hà nội

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    How are you? I was very happy when I got a letter from you. I am really happy that you spent a wonderful summer holiday in Ha Noi. And now, I would like to tell you about my summer holiday. Last summer I visited Cua Lo beach with my parents. We went there by car. We stayed in Binh Minh hotel for a week. In Cua Lo, we visited a lot of interesting places: Hon Ngu island, Nguyen Su Hoi temple. But the most exciting for me was visiting Hon Ngu island. It was fantastic and romantic.. Food in Cua Lo is extremely delicious. I especially felt excited with the courses from seafood such as “cua rang me, chao ngao or mam ruoc” Cua Lo’s people are very friendly and warm. So, my parents and I felt happy very comfortable like at home. Well, I told you everything about my holiday. Trang, what places do you want to visit on your next holiday? Why? I hope to get the answer from you soon. Best wishes

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