Viết 1 đoạn hội thoại = tiếng anh về 1 lễ hội ở việt nam mà bạn yêu thích nhóm 6 người


Viết 1 đoạn hội thoại = tiếng anh về 1 lễ hội ở việt nam mà bạn yêu thích nhóm 6 người

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    Tet holiday – Vietnamese Lunar New Year is the most important festival in Vietnam. Before New year’s Eve, my family and I are going to decorate the house with a mandarin orange tree, worship the ancestors. We are also going shopping for new clothes to wear on the occasion of Tet. The symbols of the Tet holiday are apricot blossom or cherry blossom. During Tet, all my family members gathering together. At Tet, many customs are practiced such as giving lucky money to children, exchanging New Year’s wishes, or going to pagodas to pray for a healthy life. Not only that, the parallel sentences are hanging indoors by the people because it brings good luck to everyone. On the Tet holiday, people often eat square glutinous rice cake and cylindrical glutinous rice cake. But by Tet, it is definitely indispensable to have a five-fruit tray. Tet is the happiest holiday for me, It gives me some warmness. Happy New Year to all my family members, my friends, and also my lover. I wish all your day is great!

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      The festival I like the most is Halloween. Halloween is celebrated in some countries on Octorber 31st of every year. It is a time to remember the hallows martyrs and the good people who died. Halloween activities include carving horror film


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