Viết 1 đoạn văn về Tết nguyên đán theo -Name :? -Where? -When? -Who? -How often? -How? -Think? Phải đủ 8 câu, nhớ hay và đầy đủ nhé


Viết 1 đoạn văn về Tết nguyên đán theo
-Name 😕
-How often?
Phải đủ 8 câu, nhớ hay và đầy đủ nhé

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    @ Mimzyy2509:3 I’m Blink 3333@ Mimzyy2509:3 I’m Blink 3333

    The timeline keeps drifting away. As the cold cold of winter gradually disappears, the flower buds gradually bloom, the trees are again dressed in charming young green shirts signaling a new spring full of vitality and joy is coming. All together take off the old year and rejoice, excited to welcome a new year that is coming with the desire for everyone, everyone to live in peace and happiness. The New Year is associated with Tet – the traditional Tet of the nation.For many years, Tet has become a festival that is in the expectation and indispensable of Vietnamese people. Vietnamese people wherever they go or wherever they go, they always look to their roots. Tet is an opportunity for people to gather together, give each other sincere and warm wishes. In the early days of the year, throughout the village of Vietnam bustling with the drums of spring festival urging people. On this occasion, besides ceremonial activities of religious significance, fun festivals, stage performances and traditional games, been rich in national cultural identity. Perhaps, there is a festival that no one is unaware of, which is a flower festival. Since ancient times, the custom of playing flowers has been an elegant pleasure, creating a jubilant but peaceful atmosphere. Every spring is a lot of flowers showing off, radiating fragrance. From 25 to 30 Tet, when going to the street, you have seen flower shops, people come to see crowds such as festivals, chrysanthemums, apricot flowers, peaches, carnations, gratitude, dahlias … all the flowers have come here, in this moment to converge together. Near tet, on each peach branch, slender flowers bloom bright pink smiles. In spring, the forests of peaches are thousands, heavy with fragrant peaches. In the past, cherry blossoms have entered poetry to captivate and shake people’s hearts. When the branches in Hanoi began to budding, signaling that a warm spring day had arrived, then in Hue, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Saigon … the land of yellow apricots, tender apricot petals bloom. Spring is the season of the New Year with good, peaceful things. Spring is also an opportunity for people from far away to be able to face their roots, about pure and noble values. The life of each human being is likened to spring, the season of fresh flowers in the clear blue sky. People exchange red envelopes printed on them are motifs, yellow phrases expressing sincerity for each other. And one more thing that is indispensable in the New Year’s day, is the fussy and official red sentences. The reason is that it is so demanding because it is necessary to put the Mind in it, so that the viewer understands its meaning. The sentences are usually written in fur brushes, Chinese ink, on carefully decorated red cloths. The sentences are simple and familiar: An Khang Prosperity, Chuc Tan Xuan Palace, … but it’s so official and meaningful. Grandparents and grandmothers can sit and drink tea together and watch the red sentences, so how interesting! Once again, it can be affirmed that the traditional Tet has long been a common holiday of the Vietnamese people. Tet is not only an opportunity to rest but an opportunity for reunion. The characteristics of Tet are simple and close to us. It is the sweet aroma of glutinous rice in the green rice cake, which is a strong fragrance from the flowers that are racing to show off, the envelopes containing the affection or the crimson sentences. For me, it’s always the same in me, it’s always a feeling of nervousness and happiness when spring comes. Everyone stays awake, counting every moment waiting for the New Year’s Eve moment to gather together with the spicy sweetness of ginger jam. What’s more exciting than that, enjoying the warmth and praying for a peaceful new year. I Love tet Very much  . Tet is very important for me . 

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