Viết 1 email cho bạn bị bệnh bằng tiếng Anh Giúp em đi ạ :<<


Viết 1 email cho bạn bị bệnh bằng tiếng Anh
Giúp em đi ạ :<<

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    Dear Huong Chi!

    Chi, I heard that your leg is broken, I am so sad, so write me a letter here.

    Then in the coming time, your activities will face many inconveniences. He also won’t be able to swim every day anymore. However, please rest assured to relax. Because of this wound, it will heal quickly. Then your feet will heal like before, and you will be able to go out and swim normally again. So, don’t worry too much. Relax your mind, eat and sleep in moderation as advised by your doctor. My friends and I in Hanoi have always loved and watched him. Please cheer up and get well soon.

    Chi’s best friend,

    Hoai Anh


    Dear ………………..,

    I am …………

    Together in my mother’s behalf, we wish the best to you and your family.

    Our family cincerely thanking you and your wife, as well as all of your family members who have been very kind and helpful to our mother.

    We are looking forward if there is a chance for you to come visiting us at our home at the address below.

    Hello family and wish her health and happiness

    See you 



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