Viết 1đoạn văn tiếng anh khoảng 120-200 chữ viết về 1 lễ hội mà e đã thấy hoặc đã than gia


Viết 1đoạn văn tiếng anh khoảng 120-200 chữ viết về 1 lễ hội mà e đã thấy hoặc đã than gia

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    Everywhere on the dear S-shaped land was bustling with spring music. The people of the capital this year jubilantly participated in the dragon boat racing festival in the vast West Lake. The boat racing festival takes place on January 9. The festival is a useful activity that is organized to create an atmosphere when happy, and at the same time enhances the spirit of community solidarity. Right from the early morning, twenty-seven racing teams from the districts of the capital were present to prepare for the race. It seemed that last night it had been drizzling, so this morning there was a cloud of clouds. About a couple of tens of meters apart, everyone could not see each other, only saw a faint mist. But that fog did not stop the racing teams. After a while, more and more viewers came. The mist also dissipates, the sky is brighter. The ceremony begins with the dance and singing repertoire jubilantly and bustling. The organizers in turn introduced the festival and beat drums to celebrate the new year.

    Đây là lễ hội Đua thuyền rồng ở Hồ Tây Hà Nội nhé ! Chúc bn hc tốt ~ ‘-‘) xin 5* và ctlhn 


    Lim festival í a big festival in Bac Ninh province,held on january 13 every year in Tien Du district. This is considered a long-standing cultural trait and characteristic for Kinh Bac region. Time of movement also does not diminish that tradition, to this day the Lim festival has overcome the cultural space of the region, becoming one of the spring stops of tourists everywhere.

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