Viết bài văn về một loại động vật có nguy cơ bị tuyệt chủng bằng tiếng anh ?


Viết bài văn về một loại động vật có nguy cơ bị tuyệt chủng bằng tiếng anh ?

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    We all know that there are many species in danger throughout the world. So what need to be done to protect them from extinction? Most of these species get killed due to the fur or oil they produce or as a food source. So, government need to pass laws to ban and fine severely those who hunt endangered animals. Not only offer financial punishment, but we also sentence them into prisons to warn the other hunters.  Besides, habitat of animals and plants are forests, deforestations destroy their habitat and drive those animals to the verge of extinction. That’s a reason for us to protect forests as they home to thousands of animals. Furthermore, forests fire is killing animals as well, it is the results of climate change and the warming of the earth. We can hardly prevent this disaster from happening immediately, all we can do now is to give precautions and put out the fire as soon as possible. Last but not least, raise awareness of the importance of endangered animals on community by launching campaigns to protect species at risk of extinction and raise funds to restore their habitat and for the propagation. I believe that if we join hands to deal the problem, we will soon achieve our goals of preserving endangered species.

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    Every day, we often watch television or read newspapers that detect or arrest an illegal animal trade. These animals are usually rare, wild animals native to or transported from abroad. It could be tigers, some primate species, pangolins, turtles or animal products such as rhino horn, deer velvet or bear bile … Equally important, conservation of wildlife, rare remains to maintain the balance of ecology. Nature inherently has the laws of existence and operation, to ensure that ecosystems are complete systems. This cycle supports the other. The presence of one species aids or inhibits the other to ensure optimum balance. When a species is destroyed, it is likely to lead to an imbalance, from small to large scale, from local to all ecosystems and eventually the whole earth. When ecosystems go out of balance, humans inevitably suffer all the consequences, and at this point we may see some of the reasons why we need to take measures to conserve rare animals. Each disappearing animal will be a unique value that is lost forever, irreversibly. As a result, there are unforeseen ecological and environmental consequences. Changing attitudes and changing actions of each individual will contribute to maintaining those priceless values ​​for our future generations.


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