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Write about a city you know well

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    West Lake is next to the surfing yacht Far away like a golden buffalo still in the shade here ” Anyone who goes away but does not remember Hanoi, misses Nguyen Du milk flower passionately, remembers the majestic research radio tower, the taste of Ha Thanh ancient town… But I remember the most, the most loved one is West Lake. Referring to West Lake, it is impossible not to mention its poetic and magical beauty, especially in autumn. Autumn, the sky is like a blue parachute, so it goes up forever by the wind. The air is cool and fresh. When the sun wakes up, Ho Tay wears a graceful, flowing silk shirt. Along the pool of old people chatting, reciting poems mixed with bustling exercise music. On the green trees, the singers sang clear singing, destroying the peaceful space with the hazy wave. The cute rays of light in his yellow uniform pulled the sun up high when noon came. West Lake still carries the color of the cool blue water. In the afternoon, West Lake is immersed in a strange poetic beauty that cannot be forgotten. It can be said that the island of West Lake is a breath of peace, poetic and modern, youthful. Sitting by the lake to enjoy, just chatting and confiding with friends in the gentle breeze, what is better? If you have not come here please try it once and you will remember forever.

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