viết đoạn văn ngắn từ 100 đến 150 từ về vùng quê ở quê em Bằng tiếng anhh giúp e vs ạh


viết đoạn văn ngắn từ 100 đến 150 từ về vùng quê ở quê em Bằng tiếng anhh giúp e vs ạh

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    many people like life in the countryside. many people like city life. but i prefer the countryside because: the countryside has fresh air and has the fresh foods . about people, in the countryside people are extremely kind and friendly. and that is what makes me love life in the countryside more.


    My hometown is a very rich village. The rice fields straightened the flying storks, the cornfields, the green mulberry fields stretched to the horizon. The village road is winding, winding but extremely clean because it is made of concrete. Since the day we had a clean concrete road, we no longer suffered from muddy and muddy conditions like before. The spacious two-storey houses make the homeland more and more new. At the beginning of a new day, farmers often join each other in the fields. The shopkeepers talk about today’s prices. As for us, we called each other to school, laughing and talking, making the small village more exciting and full of life. In the evening of the entertainment festival, the elderly and grandparents were also excited to watch and participate in reading poetry and storytelling. The kites of all colors, all shapes and sizes soar high and high on the windswept dike is probably the image that I like the most. Hope our dreams will fly so high in the future as well.

    Nhớ hồi xưa ghê <3

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