Viết đoạn văn nói về idol của em


Viết đoạn văn nói về idol của em

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    The person I admire most is Emma Watson. She is first known as an actress with the smash hit “Harry Potter” and after that she started to expand her working aspect such as fashion, model or even politician. My people admire her because of her beauty but for me her talent is what impress me most. She once refused to become the English Empress and chose to become the Queen by herself. She was also the main talk in the HER conference and became the boss of Gucci. All of her achievements were gained by hard work and studiousness so I admire her more day by day. 


    Jisoo has a very pretty white and pink skin. Small proportions body. Jisoo has a small body, a radiant smiling face that makes any heart “flutter” when watching. The hybrid cats always shine cute but equally charming. Her special heart-shaped lips are suitable for all lipstick colors, including matte lipstick. Long, silky hair, dyed more into the fold more attractive Perfect long, slim legs.
    Possessing a pure appearance and an angel-like beauty, since debut, Jisoo has quickly attracted a lot of attention from fans. She has always been ranked as the new “goddess” of the Korean entertainment industry and received a lot of praise. It can be said that Jisoo is the most appreciated member of Blackpink. I will try my best to study to become someone like you.

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