viết đoạn văn về sở thích bằng tiếng anh (5 đến 10 câu)


viết đoạn văn về sở thích bằng tiếng anh (5 đến 10 câu)

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    My hobby is drawing picture .  I have this hobby when I see my mother drawing a picture and country scene. It was so vivid and colorful . I share this hobby with my mother . Mom taught me to draw when I was 6 years old . I find it interesting because it shows me every scene associated with life is miniaturized in one painting . I draw when I’m free . In the future, I want to become an artist and bring art to life


            My hobby is reading book . Book is my best fiend because it is very interesting . Many people say that reading is very boring but I’m not . Reading helps us to understand a lot about the world, about life or about the things we do not know yet. Reading helps us to have knowledge, it can also help improve our memory.Because of that, I love to read books, not only do not see it as bullshit, but I also respect it very much.


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