viết hộ mình với không dùng bài trên mạng nhé Write about what customs a visitor to


viết hộ mình với không dùng bài trên mạng nhé Write about what customs a visitor to Viet Nam should know. Use the following points or your own ideas

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    Vietnam is a thousand-year-old civilized country with a culture full of Eastern beliefs and many of our country’s customs become interesting things for tourists to Vietnam. First in the new year, the first guest in the new year brings luck. The Lunar New Year is an extremely important time of the year. Everyone hopes the luck will come to themselves and their loved ones. And what helps bring that luck depends a lot on who comes to play at home for the first time in the new year. This custom is called storming. To make sure the first guest arrives at the house according to the owner’s wishes, a member of the house will step out of the gate and when the clock turns 12pm, they will return to the house as expected. the family’s first guest for the new year. Besides, another Vietnamese custom that makes visitors always find it strange is not sweeping the garbage out of the house on the Lunar New Year because this will make the fortune and luck pass away. Usually, families will clean their house very cleanly before Tet and the first 3 days of the new year do not sweep the garbage out of the house to keep luck. The second is the custom of eating betel from the habit of becoming a cultural mark of Vietnamese people, associated with the fairy tale of Trau Cau. The betel nut is a familiar image appearing in many people’s daily life from ancient times. The elders often say “The bet of betel nut is the beginning of the story” expresses the hospitality, the betel piece also symbolizes the love of a couple, is the rope that tightens the marriage between the boys and girls. the next generation with the previous generations, so the ancestor worshiping tray always has betel and areca . . . Although nowadays, the custom of eating betel is no longer as popular as it used to be, but it has become a fine custom forever kept in Vietnamese people’s mind. And there are also traditional Vietnamese festivals. The traditional festivals have long become the cultural identity of our country. This proud tradition is an indispensable spiritual dish in every Vietnamese heart. Not only that, these festivals also attract friends and visitors from all over the world to experience. Each region, each province in the country has traditional festivals with different historical values. And there are many other traditions and customs too

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