viết lại truyện thánh gióng bằng tiếng anh ngắn gọn Giúp mình với


viết lại truyện thánh gióng bằng tiếng anh ngắn gọn Giúp mình với

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    In a certain village, there are two grandparents, even though they are old, but still have not had a pimple. One day, the old woman came back from the field and found that there was a very large mark on her leg so she tried it with her hand. She went home immediately and became pregnant. Twelve months later, she gave birth to a son. Even though she is three years old, she still cannot speak and smile. Shortly after, An enemy invaded our country. The king wants to find someone who has the talent to fight the enemy and save the country. It was strange that the messenger came to Giong village, the boy suddenly said: “I invite the messenger here”. He sent envoys to the king to buy an iron horse, an iron whip and an iron armor plate to fight the enemy. Since that day, the boy grew too fast, could not eat much, did not wear any clothes. The enemy arrived, the messenger sent the iron horse, the iron whip and the iron armor, the young man had grown himself to become a hero to defeat the enemy. After fighting the enemy, he took off his iron armor and flew to the sky. To commemorate the merits of Thanh Giong, the king set up a temple in his hometown and named it Phu Dong Thien Vuong.

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    Under the sixth Hung Vuong, in Giong village, there were two gentle old men and women who had no children to follow. One day, the old woman went to the field to test her feet on strange foot marks, and came home twelve months pregnant to give birth to a handsome son. Raising up to three years old, the baby is still lying in one place, unable to walk, laugh and talk.

    Met at the time of the enemy’s harassment, the king sent messengers to go around looking for wise men to fight the enemy and save the people. Hearing the news, Giong village boy suddenly raised his voice asking his mother to invite the messenger. He asked the emissary to ask the king to cast iron horses, iron whips of iron armor so that I could defeat the enemies. Since then, he grew up so fast that the villagers had to invite each other to contribute rice to help.

    Having received enough ceremony for the king, the boy stretched his shoulders to become a majestic and majestic hero. Finished buckets, he got on his horse, brandishing his whip. Horses spit fire straight into the enemy formation, causing them to fall to death.

    Whips broken, the master pulled out the bamboo bushes on the roadside. The enemy lost big, shattered, the survivors found their way to hide. The gladiator chased to the foot of Soc mountain, took off his armor, and both the man and the horse soared into the sky.

    King Hung thanked him for his appointment as Phu Dong Thien Vuong and established a temple in his hometown. Since then every April in April, here the Giong Festival was opened jubilantly, eagerly, attracting people from all over to attend

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