Viết một bài văn bằng ta nói về ngôi nhà mơ ước của bạn


Viết một bài văn bằng ta nói về ngôi nhà mơ ước của bạn

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    My dream house is a villa. It is on Moon. It is very beautiful. Is will be surrounded by tall trees. They will be a swimming pool in the behind and a flower garden next to  the house. They will be a car in front of. There are 8 room: a living room, two bathroom, two kitchen and three bedroom. My bedroom is on the second frool. They is a bed, a desk, a lamp. The picture on the wall and a TV on the small cupboad next to the desk. But like the kitchen best. Because is has modern equipment: disk   washer, refrigerator, electric stove. They will be some robots in the house. They will help me do the housework, such as : cleaning the floolrs, cooking meals,… I will have virless TV. I can watch TV programmes from. I will have smart TV in the house. It will help me surf the internet, play games, … I’ll be true in the future.
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    My dream house is hi tech house by the sea with many sands and water surroundings. There will have 10 large rooms and it will plant many green trees , flowers and have big swimming pool in the garden . In each rooms, it will have a super smart TV , a super smart car ,high-tech robot : the super smart TV will help me surf the Internet, send and receive my email, order food from the supermarket and contact my friends on other planets. High-tech robot will clean the floors, cook the meals, wash the clothes, water the flowers and feed the dogs and cats.

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