viết một cái hobby ko spam nhé


viết một cái hobby
ko spam nhé

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    My hobby is playing badminton. I am a person who loves playing badminton. When I was in middle school, I got to join the school badminton team, which made me very excited and happy. I practiced a lot and was chosen to take the exam. I play badminton for men and women. When I got to the stadium, I was trembling because it was my first time on the field. There are many athletes there. Since I’m a man and a woman, it’s easy to hit. I won the last match with a score of 21-16. I feel very happy that I won. Badminton is a very good sport, so I love to play badminton. It was my first contest. This year, I will work harder to bring proud results to my class and school.

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