viết một đoạn văn bằng tiếng anh (khoảng 100 đến 150 từ) nói về vì sao em thích tiếng anh Em cần gấp nha mong các anh chị giúp đỡ em hứa sẽ cho 5 sao


viết một đoạn văn bằng tiếng anh (khoảng 100 đến 150 từ) nói về vì sao em thích tiếng anh
Em cần gấp nha mong các anh chị giúp đỡ em hứa sẽ cho 5 sao ạ

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    There are many subjects that I have to learn at school, but my favorite one is English. It is the one that brings me the most practical usages as well as benefits, and I think my life will be better if I master this language. I used to be a very shy girl who did not like to talk to anyone, but I gradually changed myself as I learnt English. After a lot of speaking classes with foreign and Vietnamese teachers, I could finally gain confidence to communicate more. I feel that my tiny world has been opened since I had more friends thanks to my English classes. Besides, I am able find more sources to learn and research for my other subjects as well as general knowledge. Most of the accurate information is in English, and the translation can sometimes have wrong meanings. Some of my friends and teachers are surprised about my transformation, but it is hard for them to believe that English is the cause. It also helps me to have more forms of entertainment since most of the good works of art are from English speaking countries or being put under English form. It is interesting that I can both study and play at the same time, because I can learn new vocabulary while listening to music or watching movies. There is no subject that like English, I have to put a lot of effort and focus in other ones if I want to study them properly. English for me is very different since I can find joy and comfort while studying it. My life had a big change when I decided to learn English, and I hope I will continue to find more benefits from it.


    One of my hobbies is using computers. Surfing the internet is what I usually do whenever I have free time. No one can deny the benefits of the Internet. Sources of information are probably the biggest benefit that the Internet can bring to people. The Internet is a great source of information. All kinds of information on any subject are available on the Internet at any time. I love looking for information on Google. It is a very useful tool from the Internet, we can know everything with just one click. Being knowledgeable is also a great benefit of using the Internet. I spend a lot of time on the Internet reading news. All the latest news is continuously updated on the Internet at various news websites. I regularly visit online newspapers to read hot news every day. I can know everything like current affairs happening in the world, what’s happening to our country, the lives of celebrities, recent fashions, and other news that can lift up. my knowledge. I prefer to use the Internet for news updates because it is available everywhere and at any time. In conclusion, people increasingly spend their free time using the Internet because it is a useful tool where people can learn new things and stay informed around the world. The Internet turned the world into a generation of speed. Since the Internet saves us so much time, we have time to do other things. The internet is a wonderful creation in this era.

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