viết topic về hobby ( viết khoẳng 6 câu thôi nhé )


viết topic về hobby ( viết khoẳng 6 câu thôi nhé )

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    My hobby is playing badminton . I like playing badminton because it suits female student like me and is health too . I playing badminton every day relieve tension after school and also to stay in shape playing badminton a lot will help us have a good health and good body . I usually play badminton with my mother . I love playing badminton . I will playing badminton every day


    My hobby is playing badminton. I started this hobby three years ago. My father is my teacher at badminton, he not only taught me how to play this sport but also taught me how to win opponent. I often play badminton with my best friends. This sport can helps me keep fit and stay healthy

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