viết từ 5 đến 6 dòng về communication mà em thích và tại sao


viết từ 5 đến 6 dòng về communication mà em thích và tại sao

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    Olympia is one of my favorite TV show. This is a television knowledge contest for high school students. It is always shown on VTV 3 at 13 o’clock every Sunday. Candidates are the best students in the country. MC is quite charming and beautiful lady. The program also has a team of consultants who are experienced teachers. In the program, there are 4 competitions, which in turn is the start, the obstacle, accelerate and the goal. Every competition is very interesting and exciting, it requires students not only knowledge from books but also social knowledge. Contestants do not only have knowledge but also must have both brave and self-confidence. The students, parents go cheer for the contestants are very enthusiastic. In the contestants, competitor that I like most is Lam Vu Tuan, he is very talented and funny. My biggest dream is to study well and participate in the program compete for knowledge.

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