viết về bản thân = TA 10 dòng


viết về bản thân = TA 10 dòng

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    … (your name) is the name your parents gave you when you were born. But everyone in the house is used to calling me … (your nickname). I’m very strong but also naughty. Every afternoon, I return to school with my friends … (your choice). Every day, we invite each other to fight and fight. My house is full of marbles, spinning, insisting, I can’t find a doll or a clothes. Dad often laughs and teases me “should have … (your nickname) must be a boy.” Being naughty is that but I also work hard to study! In class, it is only first place. Last year, I was sent by the school to take the exam for a good student in Literature. My biggest dream is to become a pilot, fly big, big planes flying up in the high and clear sky above. I firmly believe that I will fulfill that dream.

    This one does not know if it is like you anymore?


    Hello , my name is Nhi . I’m 15 years old and I’m in grade 9 . I live in Hai Ba Trung street , Ha Noi . My family has 4 people : my mother , my sister , my brother and me . I like playing badminton or reading books in my free time . I can swim but I can’t dance . My favourite food is chicken , and my favourite drink is cocacola . I usually go to school at 6:30 and come back home at 11:15 . So that all about me . What about you ? Tell me about yourself

    ( viết ra ước lượng đc 10 dòng á )

    ( còn đánh ra thì đc ngắn vậy thôi )

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