viết về giao thông và các vấn đề hiện nay bằng tiếng anh


viết về giao thông và các vấn đề hiện nay bằng tiếng anh

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    viết về giao thông và các vấn đề hiện nay bằng tiếng anh :

    -> Today, the society is developing more and more, the more the life goes up, the more popular modern means of transport are, the more crowded streets along with traffic accidents are increasing. up significantly. Therefore, traffic safety is really an important human issue. Traffic is less conscious when walking around, even racing on the road. There are people in traffic using alcohol illegally, leading to lack of alertness while driving and also involving other riders. But what I said above tells us that everyone must obey the traffic laws properly in order to help the country. This is a letter I sent to the head of the traffic office about my traffic problem 


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    Traffic safety and traffic that the world now needs to pay attention.The main cause of this situation is many: Due to the encroachment on the traffic safety corridor, the rapid increase of private vehicles and poor awareness of road users.Last time, all localities deployed strongly Traffic Safety Month, but the situation of traffic safety in the whole country was still complicated.According to the statistics of the Road and Railway Traffic Police Department and the National Traffic Safety Committee, as of the end of September, there were 10,518 traffic accidents cases in the country, killing 9,510 people and injuring 10,700 people. This leads to economic consequences and a huge burden on society.

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