Viết về sự thay đổi ở miền quê bằng tiếng anh .


Viết về sự thay đổi ở miền quê bằng tiếng anh .

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    Now when i come to my hometown,i see so different.Now don’t have anything very poor,my countryside is so rich.There are a lots of house with a lots of so modern furniture.They alwways in airconditional and watch tv.I and them are playing football in the big stadium is so funny.


    Today, the countryside has changed a lot. It is getting busier and more modern. Traffic is getting busier. New and clean streets are more beautiful. The houses were taller, nicer, and more comfortable. Many schools, clinics, hotels and office buildings are being built and modernized. There are more and more children’s playgrounds and sports and entertainment centers for all subjects. Most villages have electricity and almost every house has a telephone. Life in the countryside is developing more and more.

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