What do you think schools will be like in 20 years?(100 word) giúp mik với,mik đag cần gấp


What do you think schools will be like in 20 years?(100 word)
giúp mik với,mik đag cần gấp

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    In this life, everyone needs a family. Me too, my home is always filled with happiness and laughter. My little girl is on summer break. One summer afternoon, he came to me and told me like I used to tell his grandmother, softly asking me:”What will my future be like, mother?”.I suddenly remembered the old times, on a summer afternoon, I also went to my mother and asked exactly the same question. And still, with the old answer that my mother gave me, I smiled lightly and said: “My future will be decided by myself. If you want to become like me, you can do it if you work hard. Rely on yourself, try to be determined, your future will be obedient in your hands, it will obey the commands you tell it. Try your best!”.And just like that, the flow of time has changed our lives. My future is woven from the dream of twenty years ago. It is important that we have the willpower to be able to decide our own future.



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    Schools are the places that we learn a lot of new things so everyone have gone to school they all treat this place like their second home. Now some school already have modern equipment, but some don’t. I think in 20 years after, all the schools will be more modern than now. Schools will be bigger and they will have a lot of modern equipment for students to study. In each classroom, there will have enough computer for students and teachers so that students don’t have to write in notebooks instead they will write on the computer. There will have some teaching robots because if the teachers don’t go to work that day, the teaching robots will do it. There will be one recycling bin in each classroom to let the students throw their rubbish into that bin. These schools are the best schools in the future.




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