Write a festival about mid autumn festival in Vietnam. Please, help me!


Write a festival about mid autumn festival in Vietnam.
Please, help me!

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    Once a year, the Mid-Autumn Night Light Procession in my commune takes place at the commune’s stadium which is very jubilant and noisy.
    On the evening of fourteen in the eighth lunar month, on the large yard, the children in the commune lined up in teams according to the hamlets. Any hand can hold a purchased or homemade lantern or a bamboo tube to make a torch. The organizers call the team leader to come up to the table to receive candies for their nest. After the group leader finished distributing candies and candies, there were a few musical performances “Homegrown” taking place in the large yard, the teenagers and children clapped their hands to the rhythm, supporting the unprofessional artists of the commune. Next is the order to burn candles. All the lanterns and torches were lit. At that time the yard was beautiful, sparkling and magical with hundreds of green, yellow, red and pink candlelight candles made of bamboo pipes. The Mid-Autumn Lantern procession begins with the song “Process the Moon Lamp”. Children hold lanterns while singing “Mid-Autumn Festival …”. Group light procession to go around the commune. The production team aunts and the Youth Union members accompanying the children all keep the ranks neat and orderly, creating the aesthetic of the light procession and taking care of the fire prevention (due to burning candles and torches. must strengthen defense and look after). Along the way, a friend ran into a lantern from the house and joined the group of children who were “snake dragons” to process the lamps. On the way home, a friend who is near the street of the light can split the goods home. The moon was now high, round and round, shining a clear golden light down the ground. The children’s group walked and sang back to the starting place. The brothers and sisters in the union met the song “Like Uncle Ho on a great victory day.” At the end of the festival, we broke up and left.
    The lantern procession ceremony is a very happy activity of the children of her commune and has become an indispensable routine in the Mid-Autumn Festival. I love my hometown very much and I love the Mid-Autumn Festival in my hometown.
    Huy Voọc Tốt 


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