Write a message to introduce yourself for a school magazine (about 80 words)


Write a message to introduce yourself for a school magazine (about 80 words)

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    Hi everyone. My name is Linh. I was born in Dong Da District, Hanoi. I live here from a child with my parents. At present, I’m 11 years old and I’m studying in 6A at ABC Primary school. My family has 4 people, including my parents, my brother and me. We’re willing to help together and my family is very happy. To my classmate, I’m active and humorous child so they love me so much. I have a lot of friends in my school. Besides that I’m good at Maths and English. I usually obtain many high scores in this subjects. I’m proud of their. I’m a big fan of detective stories. In my free time, I always read them with intensive passion. In the future, I also want to become a detective as Sherlock Holmes.


    Dear brothers and sisters at the school magazine.

    My name is Nguyen Vi khang, a student in grade 12A at Thanh Ha High School. During the 3 years of high school I was always a good student. My hobbies are going to drink milk tea with friends, reading books at the school library. She is 1m65 tall and weighs 50 kg. In class I always ranked first and was the class representative. At out time, I often take advantage of my lessons, sometimes I just go out to play with the boards. My original wish was to be admitted to a prestigious university. My parents are very proud of me. Thank you brothers and sisters for taking the time to listen

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